Tuesday, December 06, 2011

New Scunci Linziclip Review #Holiday Gift Guide

I'm sure we are all familiar with the old Scunci claw hair clips, "butterfly" clips as I've always called them. Although convinient, they aren't they prettiest. I have fine hair and have never been able to get the old Scunci to hold my hair for very long no matter what size I used.

 With the new Linziclip not only is it pretty but it very securely holds my hair in whatever style I have it in. Not to mention it is very comfortable and doesn't hurt should I put my head back on a seat. I love these and I'm excited I can finally use clips. What makes the Linziclips improved over the original Scunci Claw clips? They have hidden springs, with a flat back for comfort and a sleek cylinder exterior.

 The Scunci Linziclip comes in Mini, Midi, and Maxi sizes. With prices ranging from $3.99 to $5.99, You can find Scunci Linziclips at most drugstores, and most mass retailers nationwide. These make great stocking stuffers. For more information on the Linziclip and other Scunci products check them out on Facebook.

*FTC: I was sent a sample of the Scunci Linziclip for review purposes. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.*


  1. I agree these are the BEST clips ever..unfortunately in my area they have not carried them this year in any of the local stores that used to have them!!! The hold all day. They don't leave a line or a crease in your hair..and they are attractive and MUCH LONGER LASTING than butterfly or bananaclips with flimsy hinges that snap off quickly!

    1. Hi - We have just relaunched the Linziclips in some of the Claire's Accessories stores in the US. They are also available on both amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, ebay.com and ebay.co.uk For more info, please contact us at info@linshell.com Best wishes, Lindsey - Co Inventor of Linziclip


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