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Websites/Companies/Products Reviews
I offer 100% honest reviews. I love watching and reading reviews before I make a purchase especially a big one, but I was finding that some reviewers were leaving out information that I felt was important. So, I decided to start writing my own reviews. I love it. I take pride in my reviews and always fully test and research all products reviewed. I will include plenty of pictures, links and other important information. All reviews are linked to my RSS Feed, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube accounts. As well as in Blogger forums such as VoiceBoks, & Bloggy Moms.
All products are tested by me. If they are children's products they of course are tested by my son, or my two God-daughters, all in different age groups.
Review Policy
  • For Reviews I ask only for a full size, non returnable sample of your product, and that the product be sent free of charge. All reviews are done after I have had ample time to sample product/s. Usually within 2 weeks of receiving and never longer than 3 weeks. Should I need more time you will be contacted. 

Giveaways Policy
  • The prize must be sent directly to the winner from the company or PR agency unless prior arrangements have been made between myself and the sponsor. Giveaways generally last between 2-3 weeks and all winners are to be chosen at random. The giveaway will be promoted on twitter and Facebook as well as several giveaway linky's, blogger groups, and giveaway promoting websites. I will also email the link to the sponsor so they can promote it however they choose.

    Reviews that include giveaways are always encouraged as they provide even more exposure for your product.
    If you have any questions or need any info please do not hesitate to contact me(Kristy) from the contact tab on main page or @