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Slatkin & Co Pumpkin Cupcake from Bath and Body Works

 I have been a fan of Slatkin & Co. a few years now, but haven't burned or used one in about a year. I received a mini candle in the scent Pumpkin Cupcake in my Influenster Beauty Blogger Fall 2012 Voxbox, and was so excited. One because I lucked out and got a Pumpkin scented candle and two because it had been so long since I've had a Slatkin & Co candle.

 The Pumpkin Cupcake Mini Candle smells exactly like it's name implies, just like a sweetly frosted pumpkin cupcake. Which smells amazing. Definitely a food type scent. The first time I had ever tried a candle from Bath and Body works it was a mini candle in the scent Autumn, I was sold then just as I am now. The quality is superior, the scent throw is very strong, and only the finest fragrance oils are used. Even the mini candles can fill a room with fragrance, or in my case 3 rooms. I lit the mini in my bedroom and could smell it 3 rooms away in my living room.

Here's what Influenster and Bath and Body Works say about Slaktin and Co Candles:
"Highly fragranced candle exclusively developed and tested by our team of Home Fragrance experts, including the world's best master perfumers. Made using the highest concentration of fragrance oils, an exclusive blend of vegetable wax and lead-free wicks for optimal performance"
 Mini Candle $3.50; Small Candle $9.50; Medium Candle $12.50; 3-Wick Candle $19.50

Bath and Body Works  has sales on their candles all the time and more often than not you can get 2 of their 3-wick candles for $20. 

 I think I sent a few new customers to Bath and Body Works this Halloween. In a bind without any tea light candles to light our Jack o Lantern I stuck the Mini Pumpkin Cupcake candle in the Jack o Lantern to light it, and I cannot even tell you how many people asked what they were smelling that smelt so good when they walked to the door. Haha.

 Bath and Body Works continues to provide high quality products and their Slatkin and Co. candles are no different. If you would like to check out Slatkin and Co candles from Bath and Body Works you can check them out on their website here:

 Interested in Influenster and their Voxboxes? Check out my blog post about Influenster; Influesnter-beauty-blogger-voxbox-fall

*I received a Bath and Body Works Mini Candle free as part of the Influenster VoxBox program. I was not paid for this blog post and all opinions are my own and 100% honest*

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Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox Fall 2012

 Have you heard about Influenster and their VoxBoxes? Influenster is a 100% free site, that allows users to receive VoxBoxes filled with free products in exchange for their honest opinions about the products included and their sharing of the products on their personal social networking profiles. Just sign up for Influenster and start earning badges by filling out surveys. Based on your lifestyle you may be selected to receive the next voxbox.

 I was so excited to receive the Beauty Blogger Fall VoxBox because they Summer VoxBox had some really great products featured in it. So let's get into what was in the Fall Beauty Blogger VoxBox!

  • NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact $4.99: "This all-in-one compact comes with everything you need for a complete eye look: Primer, illuminator, applicator, and complementing shadows. With four colors, specially coordinated to intensify and enhance your eye color, you can create a look as individual as you are. Make your eyes pop!"
  • Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit $5.99: "Bring the salon home with this eyelash starter kit, complete with eyelashes, adhesive, and applicator. This latex-free glue has a 24-hour hold,, for lashes you can bat all day and all night."
  • Bath & Body Works Mini Candle $3.50: "Mini and mighty! Bath & Body Works Mini Candles provide an amaxzing fragrance experience exclusively developed and tested by a team of Home Fragrance experts, including the world's best master perfumers."
  • EBOOST Sample: "EBOOST will boost your mood, focus, and immunity with natural ingredients and no crash. As a shot or an easy to mix powder and in four flavors, you'll feel great whether you choose orange, pink lemonade, acai pomegranate or super berry."
  • Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin $7.29: "Never have time for a great updo? Not anymore! The Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin allows you to easily achieve three chic updo styles. Simply twirl your hair up and spin in the two Spin Pins in for a perfect undone bun, side bun or double bun!"
  •  Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream Deluxe Sample: Smooth moves fights out of control hair and reduces styling time with coconut & silk extracts.

 I've been a member of Influenster for a year or a little over a year now and it has been so fun to sample products. You do not need to be a blogger to have the chance to receive a VoxBox. Do you have a Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter? That's all you need. Participate in short lifestyles surveys to earn badges and you could be the next to receive a VoxBox! Sign up for Influenster here:

*I received the products mentioned in this blog post free as part of the VoxBox program. I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.*

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

September Starbox from Starlooks

 This post is so incredibly late on my part! I apologize, there has been so much going on in our house this past month and a half. I did record my usual Starbox opening but never made the post. September's Starbox from Starlooks was ah-may-zing! The value of the September box far, far exceeded it's $15 price tag. I couldn't find the eye primer on the Starlooks website, but my guess is that September's box had an approximate value of $40+

  • 5 Shade Monographic Eyeshadow Palette $30: Absolutely gorgeous colors that I couldn't for the life me seem to capture on film. Can be worn alone or over other shadows.
  • Eye Shadow Primer: The first clear eye shadow polish I have ever seen, works very well in helping eyeshadow stick onto the eyes and last longer. Helps to intensify eyeshadow colors.
  •  EXTRA Glue on Cosmetic Crystals
  •  EXTRA Crystal

 Starbox continues to be my favorite monthly subscription service. Starbox is a monthly beauty subscription service, delivering you 3-4 full size Starlooks cosmetic products every month. With Starlooks you never get samples; unlike other monthly beauty subscriptions you will always get nothing but full size products, and it's ALL makeup.

   If your interested in signing up to receive a monthly subscription of Starbox head to the Starlooks website. **If you sign up, I would love for you to let them know that Kristy's Place Reviews referred you.**

 *I was sent the September Starbox for review purposes. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own and 100% Honest.*

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cravebox Summer Beauty Limited Edition Box 2012

 I being the monthly sample subscription junkie that I am, had of course heard of Cravebox but never subscribed because the products being featured never really peeked my interest. When I saw that they were releasing a Limited Edition Summer Beauty Cravebox, I signed up just for that box.  While I definitely think you get your money's worth, Cravebox's Summer Beauty box completely missed the mark for me. All but one of the products (Puristics Eye Cream) in my personal opinion aren't what comes to mind when I think of beauty products.

A fun, new way to discover products that make life better.

Cravebox is a wildly popular product discovery service that puts crave-worthy products into the hands of our lucky Cravebox Members. Our team of Cravebox Curators scours the earth for the best of the best, and carefully prepares boxes that are delivered to members’ homes. We currently have two types of boxes: Subscription Boxes are automatically shipped to subscribing Members and cost $10 a piece. The program is enormously successful and we sell out all our subscription slots in just a few hours, so at the moment there are no new subscription slots available. We are continually expanding the program however, so we will have more slots opening. Be sure to join us to get updates as soon as they happen! Limited Edition Boxes are our newest offering. Our Cravebox Curators pack up handsome and hefty boxes filled with products, gadgets, doodads and supplies focused around a theme, activity, occasion or hobby that our Members love. Members are notified as soon as each new box is available, and have 3 days to come to the Cravebox website to enter a lottery style drawing for that Cravebox. Winners are notified as soon as the drawing is completed, and receive their Limited Edition box within about two weeks. Limited Edition boxes are available to members for just $10 - $15 each.
 Here's a list of the products that were in my Summer Beauty Cravbox:
  • Puristics Intensive Eye Cream 5 oz Approx Value $8.20
  • Garden Bonanika Oatmeal & Peppermint Soap Value $7.00
  • Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub $5.98
  • BIC Soleil Bella Approx Value $2.11
  • ThinkThin Bar Approx Value $2.13
                         Approximate Value: $25.42
                          Paid $15.00
Cravebox has a regular monthly subscription box where they compile a box of what they consider Crave-worthy products, as well as several Limited Edition Boxes that they release monthly. You can sign up for the monthy service here: Join the Monthly Subscription and be notified of the Limited Edition Boxes here: Cravebox Limited Edition Boxes.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Scentsy September Scent and Warmer of the Month!

This is by far my favorite Holiday Style Scentsy Warmer yet! I love pumpkins, and the scent Caramel Pear Crisp is just yummy. Scroll down for prices. Available for Purchase Sept 1st. @

September 2012 Warmer Pumpkin And Scent Of The Month Caramel Pear Crisp

Monday, August 27, 2012

LeapFrog Rock n' Learn Party With Touch Magic Learning Bus & RockinGuitar

 Do you know that most child development experts agree that play is essential to high quality learning in small and preschool aged children?

 This is true for my 3 almost 4yr old son, and many other children. I have found that he especially tends to learn things when they are put into song, which is why I have been loving Leapfrog's new Touch Magic Learning Bus and Rockin Guitar.


          Touch Magic Little Touches Big Learning
 Touch Magic a new product line from LeapFrog, brings intuitive touch technology to preschool toys for the first time. Combining fun, learning and creativity, Touch Magic Learning Toys recognize every tap, touch and swipe to bring each product to life! The launch portfolio includes: Touch Magic Learning Bus, Touch Magic Rockin Guitar, and Touch Magic Counting Train.

 I was selected to host a Leapfrog Touch Magic Rock n' Learn Party with my son and some of his friends. Included in our party kit were:

  • 2 Rockin Guitars: The Rockin Guitar brings musical fun and helps develop preschool skills with every little touch. Kids can choose to play solo without a backup or play along with a band or select electric or acoustic guitar to play 10 built in songs including: Rockin' Robin, Itsy Bitsy Spider, If Your Happy and You Know It, Pop Goes The Weasel, and more. Plus kids can customize their play experience with guitar riffs, silly sounds, and drums creating 100+ musical combinations to make every song unique.
  • 1 Learning Bus: Learning ABC’s is one of the first steps in early childhood development. The Touch Magic Learning Bus takes children on a magical journey filled with educational discovery and games.  With a simple touch, preschoolers can use the six piano keys and two drum pads to play along with songs including Wheels on the Bus, ABC song, and original Rockin’ School Baby. The interactive surface features glossy, smooth graphics encouraging exploration and features over 40 touch points  that allow kids to play their way through core learning skills.
  • LeapFrog branded Invites
  • Product Fact Sheets
  • Coupons
  • Activity Sheets

 We just finished our party a few hours ago, and while we didn't have as many guests as was expected the kids that did come had a blast! They rocked out on the Guitars, and played along to with the guitars on the Learning Bus.  We made Rockin School Bus books, and sang along to the songs on the Rockin Guitar which include: The Alphabet Song, Pop Goes the Weasel, Your a Rockstar, and my personal favorite Rockin Robin. I love that the Touch Magic toys are easy for small children to use and learn.

 I did notice that after a while dirty little hands, cause the touch pads to stick. The great thing about Touch Magic toys is that they easily wipe clean, which is a must with small children.

My personal favorite of the toys included in the party kit is the Learning Bus. I have recently started to introduce letters and flash cards just aren't cutting it. They don't hold my son's attention. I can tell you that as I type this out my 3 year old is playing with the Touch Magic Learning Bus and not only repeating the letter's that he touches, but also repeating the sounds that each particular letter makes! It's fantastic! He's learning and he doesn't even know it.  These are really great learning toys and I'm thinking about using one of the coupons included to pick up the Magic Touch Counting Train.

 LeapFrog Touch Magic Toys can me purchased at Target and other major retailers.

Enter to win $500 during the Rockin' Guitar Contest! Here's how:
  • Step 1: Submit Video Upload video of your kid jamming & learning with Touch MagicTM Rockin Guitar or your own play guitar.

  • Step 2: Share Video Promote your video by sharing via Facebook and email with friends and family to view and vote.

  • Step 3: Great Prizes Five videos with the highest votes and panel selections will have a chance to win $500 gift cards.

*I received free LeapFrog products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored Rock’n Learn Party and Mom Select. All my opinions are my own*

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August Starbox from Starlooks

**If you sign up, I would love for you to let them know that Kristy's Place Reviews referred you.**

Starbox it is a monthly beauty subscription service, delivering you 3-4 full size Starlooks cosmetic products every month. With Starlooks you never get samples; unlike other monthly beauty subscriptions you will always get nothing but full size products, and it's ALL makeup.

 This may be my last month of Starbox and it's safe to say, I'm pretty upset about it. While it's only $15 a month, come September every year I stop making purchases for myself and start saving for my son's birthday(November) and Christmas. I'm so torn over whether I should continue my subscription or drop it until January. I love Starbox so much! In three months I have yet to receive a box that I didn't completely love. I've got two weeks to make up my mind! The cutoff date is the 1st of every month, otherwise you will have to wait until the next month to receive a box. Grrr, is it selfish to want to continue something for myself? It's only $15 right?! Whelp, anyway...Let's get into the August Starbox.

 August Starlooks released their first ever Special Edition Starbox. August's Starbox features products that were hand picked by fashion designer Lauren Bradley. The products included were used in Lauren's first Lookbook.
Photo by:  Hussein Katz

  • Pink Petal Rose Lip Gloss: Super creamy, non-sticky vibrant gloss formula(comparable to the luxurious, moisturizing feel of Chanel lip gloss) is a gorgeous, sheer,  everyday raspberry-pink for the lover of color. With a bit of pearl, and lots of glassy, shiny finish, this gloss is the perfect neutral berry hue for night and day. Retail Value $11 Starlooks isn't lying this is a gorgeous high shine gloss with zero stickiness. This color is a blue hued pink and makes your teeth look super white. 
  • 844 Pointed Slant Eyeliner Brush:  This ultra fine, precise liner brush creates the most perfect line for the top of the eyelid. 100% synthetic, Japanese nylon hair allowsthe brush to glide over the lid with tons of flexibility, and no grabbing or gathering of the eyelid during application. Retail Value $15 I have been loving the Starlooks brushes that have been featured in the Starboxes and this is no exception. 
  • Sculpture Infinity Cream Liner: Extremely pigmented, cream liner. Perfect with the use of your new 844 Pointed Slant Eyeliner Brush. This color is an illuminating, creamy, youthful, smokey, neutral charcoal. Waterproof and smudge-proof. Retail Value $9 This is a charcoal color but it has flecks of green and gold in it, that stand out depending on the way the light is hitting it. 
  • Surprise! Lauren Bradley has included an autographed collectors gift card.  And don't forget in every Starbox there are mystic crystals included.

 I have really been enjoying Starbox, the quality of the products has been really amazing, and I'm so glad that I have found it. I love getting nothing but makeup!

 If your interested in signing up to receive a monthly subscription of Starbox head to the Starlooks website. **If you sign up, I would love for you to let them know that Kristy's Place Reviews referred you.**
*I was sent the August Starbox for review purposes. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own and 100% Honest.*

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hearts for Hearts Girls with Mommy Parties

 I joined a website called Mommy Parties several months back, and applied to host a Hearts for Hearts Girls Party. I got it, and I'm so glad I did. Not only are these dolls just beautiful and well made but they teach girls about the struggles of other girls all over the world. Hearts for Hearts Girls is all about empowering young girls and with two young god daughters I LOVE that. I want them to know their worth and their own strength.  

Working Together For Change
It’s an undeniable fact that girls in many countries struggle against a lack of education, medical care, decent housing, and clean water and food. But when these basic needs are met, those girls achieve amazing things for themselves and their families. Sometimes, all they need is a little help.
The Hearts For Hearts Girls™ mission is to empower girls to become agents of change in their communities, their countries, and around the world. We want to change the world one heart at a time, and you can be a part of that dream!
It all starts with our dolls. Right now, there are six Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls: Lilian (Belarus), Rahel (Ethiopia), Nahji (India), Tipi (Laos), Consuelo (Mexico), and Dell (United States). Each of them has an important story to tell about life in her country, inspired by real girls who are strong, smart, courageous, and determined to rise above challenging circumstances.
When you buy a doll, Hearts For Hearts Girls donates part of the purchase price through our charitable partner, World Vision, to programs that support girls in that country. Whether it’s malaria nets in Africa, schoolbooks in Asia, or food supplies in the US, these programs help girls to thrive and succeed.  

  In our party kit we received:
·         2 Hearts for Hearts Girls Dolls/ Consuela and Lauryce One to keep and one to give away at our party
·      20  Hearts for Hearts Girls Bracelets enough for each party guest to get one bracelet and have one to giveaway to a girl who isn’t at the party
·      Hearts for Hearts Coupons to purchase your own Hearts for Hearts Dolls and start giving back!
·       Hearts for Hearts Girls Passports

Also included are menu ideas from each dolls country as well as games from each dolls country. We had a blast. I chose to make the Mexican Corn and Bean Soup, and the Ethiopian Party Punch. I made an attempt at French Beignets to represent Lauryce from New Orleans, they turned out more like Funnel Cakes but were still delicious.

We Played Shyla a game that originated in Belarus, as well as a crazy Mexican Hat Relay.

We all had a fantastic time, and I really hope that the girls have gone away with a new understanding of all the different hardships of others around the world and how they all can do their parts in their own ways to help out.  Rather than raffling off the extra doll included I chose to give the Consuelo Doll to two little girls on our street that often play with my son. He has told me that they don’t have any toys, and I have witnessed their excitement at viewing my sons play room. These two little girls happen to be children of Mexican Immigrants that came to the US to give their children more opportunities. I could not think of anyone better or another girl that I know that would appreciate that doll more. Their mother has told me that they cherish their Consuelo doll. Let me tell you it felt amazing to see the excitement in those little girls faces to receive a beautiful doll such as Consuelo, and that is what Hearts for Heart Girls is all about.  Giving back.

To Purchase your own Heart for Hearts Girls Doll or to find out more, head to their website:, or the Hearts for Hearts Facebook Page:

To Join Mommy Parties, and host fun parties with your mommy friends, and their children head to their website:, or their Facebook Page:

*The products featured in this blog post were sent to me free for the purpose's of hosting a party and this blog post. I was not paid for this post or to host the Hearts for Hearts Girls party. All opinions are my own and 100% honest*

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wholesale Children's Costumes from Review

It’s about that time, we are quickly approaching fall and it’s time to start thinking about what our kids are going to be for Halloween. I love Halloween, no scratch that. I love fall, I love everything about it. The weather, the leaves, the smells, the pumpkins. So it is not uncommon for me to anxiously await its arrival, along with my favorite holiday, Halloween.  

 I love Halloween and my favorite part has always been dressing up. Now as a mother, it’s even more fun to watch my child’s excitement at the Holiday. I appreciate a good selection of costumes to choose from, and a lot of local stores just don’t offer the greatest selection. has an awesome selection of costumes; there are hundreds to choose from. Anything you can possibly dream up to dress up as has it and if they don’t the have everything you need to put it together yourself. They even have pet costumes, props, and decorations.  On top of their selection their prices are unbeatable.  

  After looking around the website for Halloween Costumes for Kids with my 3 year old son, we narrowed it down to about 4 costumes and then decided on The Toddler Make a Wish Costume. We both love it. It looks just like a regular race car driver’s jumpsuit. It comes with the jumpsuit, the hat, a gold winner’s medal, a checkered flag, a plastic race track mat, 5 little racecars and an activity book! All for only $21.90.  Not only is it a great costume but he can wear it long after Halloween for dress up, and imaginary play and of course he will get a lot of use out of the racetrack mat and the racecars. 

 I’m impressed with the quality of the costume as well.  The material isn’t really thick but it will definitely hold up to wear from a toddler. I don’t mind that it’s not a thick material as in the California Valley where we live, it’s still pretty warm come Halloween, and if you live in an area that tends to be cold around Halloween you can easily layer clothes under the costume. Usually when I purchase costumes they almost always have loose strings hanging as well as the loose seams that come along with that.  This costume had none of that poor stitching and this is why I’m confident it will hold up well after Halloween for playtime.  My son wears a size 5T or 4, and since I wanted him to get more use out of the costume after Halloween, I chose a bigger size and got him the Large which says it fits a size 4-6 and it is already a little high in the legs. So it’s safe to say that this particular costume runs a little small. ( offers returns and exchanges, if you make they return or exchange within 10 days of receiving it return shipping is on them). 

No matter what time of year it may be, if you’re in the market for a costume I highly recommend

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream and Lovely Two Way Lip Gloss from Natural Radiance Review

 I have been trying the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream for a week now and let me tell you I wish I had been using it sooner because it has been perfect for this hot weather! Prior to trying the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream I had tried another rather expensive BB Cream and I wasn’t impressed, it was heavy on the skin as well as being really grey. So I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I had read good things about it. 

“Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream is Lioele’s best selling BB cream because it is long-lasting, soothing and keeps the skin smooth without sebum secretion. Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream helps to create a clean and natural skin tone by being absorbed into your skin with a soft usage. This enables speedy make-up application due to the unnecessary need to apply makeup base or foundation. Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream includes ingredients such as bisaborol, licorice root acid derivatives, allantoin, etc. soothe your skin and ingredients such as jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, hyaluronic acid derivatives, vegetable collagen, etc. keep your skin moist and smooth. Benefits include: moisturizes, soothes, smoothes and is long-lasting. This Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream is recommended for people who are looking for a make-up base product that doesn’t change to a darker tone over time. It is also recommended for those wanting an even color skin tone.”

 I say this is perfect for summer because it feels so light on the skin, and offers really great coverage for a BB Cream. I have oily/acne prone and skin and I find that the Lioele Beyond the Solution gives a very even appearance to my skin, and if you would like a fuller coverage it can be built up, or you can apply a little concealer. On the areas where I felt I needed more coverage like around my nose and acne spots I just dabbed on a little more BB cream to those areas. I apply this BB Cream with my hands as I feel you really don’t need that much. Using Beyond the Solution has really cut down on my makeup applying time. It’s so simple to just apply the BB Cream with my hands, slap on some mascara and some bronzer and be on my way. Since my skin is on the oily side I do need to set this BB Cream with some powder, and I do require a touch up of powder about 4 hours later to get rid of shine. I like to use my Stila Color Correcting Translucent Powder. Lioele does make powders but I haven’t tried them so I can’t recommend them.  Lioele Beyond the Solution blends perfectly with my NC15-NC20 skin tone, and I haven’t noticed any oxidation.  I read that some people find that the scent is too perfumey. I don’t find the scent offensive at all and it seems to diminish if not go away completely a little after application. If you have ever used any Covergirl face products such as their foundation, powder or blush, this is the exact same scent that Lioele’s BB Cream has.

 Lioele’s Beyond the Solution BB Cream can be purchased on the Natural Radiance website for: 5ML $4.99, 30ML $11.99 and 50ML for $18.45.

 I was also able to try out Lioele’s Lovely Two Way Lip-gloss. This is a great none sticky gloss. Offers a lot of shine, with a light pink color, and the tiny glitter flecks catch the light beautifully.  I can’t currently find the Lioele Lovely Two Way gloss on Natural Radiances website but it may come back as it seems that Natural Radiance updates and adds products regularly.

When ordering Korean BB Creams it is really important to find a reputable business as you never know if you are getting the real thing if you order off of Ebay and the like. This is why I recommend ordering from Natural Radiance they are a family owned business that has been providing Korean Cosmetics and Skincare directly from South Korean Manufacturers to ensure that you get the lowest prices since 2009.  If you haven’t yet checked out the Natural Radiance website and all they have to offer yet, I suggest you head over and check it out now; 

  Natural Radiance is offering Kristy's Place readers 15% off! Just enter the code, "kristysplace" at checkout.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Scentsy Scent and Warmer of The Month for August. 10% OFF EVERYTHING in August!

  It's August and it's the last month to get all your favorite Spring & Summer Scentsy Fragrances before they are taken from the catalog to make way for the Fall & Winter Fragrances to come in September! So, that means that EVERYTHING is 10% off this month! Note: That all Campus, Hero, and Charity warmers will remain full price as the proceeds from these warmers go to their respective charities. August is a great time to stock up. It's also one of the best times to join the Scentsy Family! If you join in the month of August you will receive both the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Testers, which is great deal. I joined during the last transition and scored all the extra's as well.

 Introducing Whoot, August's Warmer of the Month:
10% Off! 

 And August's Scent of the Month, Neverland:

Interested in hosting a party and earning hostess rewards? Ask Me How!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Exciting Changes at Nature's Brilliance by Sue! Check em' Out.

 If you have been a reader of my blog for awhile you may already know of my love of Nature's Brilliance by Sue cosmetics, if not I have done two previous posts you can find my first review here and the second more recent here.

Nature's Brilliance by Sue makes 100% natural and organic cosmetics, perfume and bath products, as well as never selling products she has not personally tested out herself. I really love Nature's Brilliance mineral eyeshadow pigments, they are so vibrant, finely milled, and incredibly pigmented. They can be blended out for a softer color.

  There are some great changes taking place over at the Nature's Brilliance by Sue Website. They now offer spill proof lids rather than the sifters. The pigments can me sealed tight so that no pigment gets out and makes a mess during storage or travel. Sue sent along a sample of the new style jars for me to show you all.

Color Shown in Amethyst $5.00  

Amethyst Swatched: Dry, Wet, and over Primer
  Along with the new jars, Sue is re-formulating the Lip Gloss, and Lip Glaze into VEGAN formulas, and she tells me they are very moisturizing. If you go to visit Nature's Brilliance by Sue you may notice that the website in being re-designed, but remains open for purchase's.

 Nature's Brilliance by Sue can be found here:

*I was sent a sample of the new Nature's Brilliance by Sue Mineral Pigment for the purpose of this post. I was not paid to share this, and all opinions are my own and 100% Honest.*

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July Starbox from Starlooks

**If you sign up, I would love for you to let them know that Kristy's Place Reviews referred you.**

   My July Starbox from Starlooks came in and I couldn't be more excited! If your not familiar with Starbox it is a monthly beauty subscription service, delivering you 3-4 full size Starlooks cosmetic products every month. With Starlooks you never get samples; unlike other monthly beauty subscriptions you will always get nothing but full size products, and it's ALL makeup. This is my second month of receiving Starbox and it is safe to say that it has become my favorite beauty subscription service.  The quality of Starlooks products are really good. The eye shadows and blushes are finely milled and very pigmented. Last months products have made there way into my daily makeup routine and I'm positive that July's products will do the same.

So what was in July's Starbox?
  • Tendergloss Lipstick in Citron-$11: We definitely didn't hold back on the bright colors for this Starbox! This ultra-moisturizing, tinted lipstick has the perfect amount of color application for your long day at the beach. Tangerine is hot for summer this year! Glistening, medium coverage, half-pigment, half-glossy, tendergloss is saturated with gold flecks and includes a natural SPF 15! (This is a color that I never would have chosen for myself. Frankly, I was intimidated by it, but I'm so glad it was in the Starbox because I love it, and it's so flattering on me.)
  • Eyeshadow in Gold Dust-$9: Gold is the color of luxury. Our Shadows feel incredibly satiny and glide over the lid with a beautiful even coverage. Not too yellow, yet not too copper in tone,this shadow is perfect for all over the lid of the eye to add a pop of color to any neutral or glam look. Or, apply as a highlighter to the inside corner of the eye, the bottom lid lash line, or under the brow bone. 
  • Blush Compact in Classy-$15: What!??! A FULL SIZED BLUSH. Yes we don't know about you, but we can't finish off any makeup look properly without the perfect highlight for the cheek bone. So, we included our favorite FULL SIZE highlighting blush. Glides over any other color used on the cheek for that incredible reflection and glisten that you see on our Looksbook beach models. 
  • Suprise! We know you to take your makeup with you poolside or to the sand, so we've included a gorgeous compact mirror. ALSO: every Starbox comes with a mystic quartz crystal. These crystals attract energy, help maintain focus, and are the ultimate symbol of beauty. 
Citron Tendergloss, Gold Dust Eyeshadow, Classy Blush

 Starbox costs $15+ S/H of $1.98 a month or you can purchase the full year at $170. Find Starlooks on their website: (if you sign up for Starbox I would love it if you let them Kristy's Place Reviews referred you) as well as their Facebook page
 * I received a sample of June's Starbox from Starlooks for the purposes of this review. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest* Review

 When you’re a small business owner, advertising and getting your company/brand out there is crucial to your success. When you’re a consultant like me and there are several other consultants for the same company in your area this is especially important. You have got to stand out. 

 I have had my eye on Scentsy’s Car magnets since I joined in February, but have held back from purchasing them because  1. because they are pricey, and 2. because while they can be customized with your personal info, you can’t change they design. So when I was approached to review for, a sister company of I jumped at the chance.  I personally wanted my car magnets to be simple, so I chose the option to start from scratch. MagnetsOnTheCheap also offers you many template designs to choose from in many different business'.   
 I really love the look of my magnet, it is sturdy and very strong. I chose the 12” by 18” which retail for only $16.01 each which is a $12.99 savings from the car magnets I was looking into previously. makes great and inexpensive Yard Signs, if it was in compliance for me to have one in my yard I would have gotten one of these was well.  Next up I’d like to get some refrigerator magnets for my customers using the same design. 

 Do you have a business that could use some affordable advertising? Head to their website to find out how to get your Car Magnets. How about Cheap Signs for a wedding or party? MagnetsOnTheCheap also has two great sister companies, BannersOnTheCheap that makes affordable Banners, and EasyCanvasPrints were you can print your favorite photos on canvas!

*Disclosure: I was provided Car Magnets free for the purpose of this review. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own and 100% Honest. I am a Scentsy Independent Consultant my magnet designs have been approved by Scentsy Compliance/Ad Approval, and was granted a Limited License to Utilize and Reproduce Scentsy Intellectual Property.*

Monday, July 23, 2012

HipSwap Presents #winthisbag Designer Handbag Giveaway Week #4 and #5

Welcome to Our Grand Finale of

"Win This Bag"

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Sidetracked Mom’s Blog

It's finally here! The Grand Finale of the Win This Bag series of giveaways is here!! We've combined weeks 5 and 6 into a two-week long giveaway giving you the double the opportunity to increase your odds of winning by completing the daily bonus entries!

You'll have from 7/24/12 through 8/6/12 to claim as many entries as you possibly can! If you can remember to revisit your favorite blog to claim your daily bonus entries, you’ll have a huge advantage (2 weeks worth!) over the rest of the competition!

But before we announce the Grand Finale bag, here are a few words about our sponsor who made this entire 6 weeks worth of giveaways possible! Photobucket

HipSwap is a mobile and web marketplace that connects buyers and sellers locally and nationally. It enables people to discover what’s inside the most fabulous closets, homes, and shops in neighborhoods and cities across America. HipSwap currently offers delivery service in Los Angeles and New York with its iconic pink delivery van.

Also, be sure to swing by the HipSwap blog to check out their ever popular post on how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag!

So, far HipSwap has generously supplied us with a Fendi Spy Bag, a Louis Vuitton bag, a white leather Tod’s hanbag and a Gucci Hobo Bag! Are you ready for the brand that will be featured in our Grand Finale?!

This week, you have the chance to win an authentic Chanel tote worth $1,300!


This beige quilted leather Chanel tote is a one-of-a-kind find. It features a black leather trim and large "CC" on side to make it easily distinguishable as the one of the world’s most prestige designer brands.

Dimensions: 11" x 10" x 5" with 7" straps. Estimated Value: $1300

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

This beautiful handbag was provided by the amazing DoubleTake Consignment Boutique of New Jersey.

The DoubleTake Consignment Boutique first opened its doors in Short Hills, New Jersey in 1992. From day one the store has been packed with women who understand the advantages and value of consignment shopping. DoubleTake only accepts the highest quality & current designer clothing and accessories and has been recognized as a unique clothing boutique where huge savings can be realized.


How to gain entries in this giveaway:

There is only one mandatory entry option; and that is to create a free HipSwap account. However, by entering on this blog through the Giveaway Tools widget below, you have the opportunity to gain a large number of bonus entries! You can complete as many or as few bonus entries as you’d like but remember, the more you do, the better your odds of winning! Plus, once you are following all of your hosts, entering each subsequent weekly Win This Bag Giveaway will be even faster & easier! As promised, you’ll find additional bonus entries to claim for having entered our previous weekly Win This Bag Giveaways! Hipswap decided to combine the last to weeks. So this is the final giveaway and it will last for two weeks.

Good luck!

Giveaway begins on 7/24/12 at 12:01am EST & ends on 8/6/12 at 11:59pm EST.

Open worldwide.

The Giveaway Tools Widget will load below this line. For those of you not familiar with Giveaway Tools, it is VERY similar to Rafflecopter but has been said to be a faster & easier way to enter giveaways. Let me know what you think! As always, thank you for visiting my blog and entering our giveaways! Good luck to you!

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

La Belle Boutiek #SmallBusinessSpotlight


   La Belle Boutiek offers custom made hair bows, necklaces, rings, earrings, key chains and custom, made to order Bedazzled Cell phone cases with new items being added all the time.

 I always wanted a bedazzled cell phone case, but they can be expensive and I'm really picky about what I want it to look like. When I found out La Belle Boutiek made custom bedazzled cell phone cases I was excited, and I was even more so when I found that to make paying for cell phone cases easier La Belle Boutiek offers a two payment process. Half down and then the other half when your cell phone case is finished(you can of course make one full payment if you like). Depending on how much or how little you want your phone case bedazzled effects the price. Mine was $40. I mentioned I was picky. I was very specific as to how I wanted my case to look, and when La Belle Boutiek first sent me a picture of my finished case, I wasn't happy with one of the items on it. I told her and she was more than happy to change it to something else I wanted. How's that for customer service!?

 Since then I have also gotten very cute, head band, and hair bow, that I've given to my two God-Daughters. As well as the cutest Hello Kitty key chain that I kept for myself.  La Belle Boutiek offers cute hand-made items at affordable prices, and it's evident in her work that Annette from La Belle Boutiek loves making these items.

 To check out La Belle Boutiek items for yourself head to her website La Belle Boutiek, as well as the La Belle Boutiek Facebook Page.

*Are you a small business interested in having your products featured? Please contact Kristy @ FTC: I paid for Bedazzled Cell Phone Case with my own money, head band, hairbow, and keychain were sent to me for free. I was not paid to feature this business on my website. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. *