Thursday, December 01, 2011

Beauty Mint Review

 From the same company that makes Style Mint, and JewelMint now comes Beauty Mint. Beauty Mint is a collaboration between Jessica Simpson and Nerida Joy whom has been a skin expert for over thirty years. Much like Style and Jewel Mint, Beauty Mint is a monthly service that delivers personalized skin care to your door every month. When you begin you take a short survey about your skin type, and your environment. Mine is 3•9•6. You can choose between the Comprehensive 4 Piece System that costs $39.99 +$4.95SH and the Advanced 5 Piece System that costs $49.99 W/free shipping.
I received the Comprehensive 4 piece system which for me included the Essential Cleanser with Aloe, Ultra Replenishing Serum, Strengthening Hydrator w/SPF and Renewing Moisturizer.

  The Essential Cleanser with Aloe left my skin feeling really soft, but there were a few things I didn't like. First, is that I have to wash my face twice to completely remove makeup, especially eye makeup. Secondly, this cleanser is quite thin. While it requires little product, it can come out fast because it is on the runny side. Third, I have oily acne prone skin and I need a product that helps to prevent breakouts and this cleanser just didn't deliver on that.

  Next up is the Ultra Replenishing Serum with Marine Complex. This is my favorite of the bunch. I have seen a small improvement in fine lines(I've only used for about two weeks) and have noticed a slightly glowy complexion. The one draw back of this serum is that it feels sticky when first applied and takes some time for that stickiness to subside.

  With the Strengthening Hydrator w/SPF I'd say it definitely hydrates but too much for me. I have really oily skin and I need only a little hydration. I can't really say how well the SPF works as I don't spend much time in the sun.

 Last but certainly not least is the Renewing Moisturizer. I really like this moisturizer it has Elastin in it to help skin look young. I love how lightweight it is and it has great anti-aging benefits.

 The Verdict? For me this particular system was not that great. In the survey it asked if I had oily skin and I said yes, So why would I be given so many products that are moisturizing and hydrating? I felt like my skin was being over loaded and I broke out. I feel this particular regimen would be better suited for someone with normal to dry skin. If I could purchase the Renewing Moisturizer and Ultra Replenishing Serum separately  I definitely would.  All is not lost though. If you feel like the products were just not right for you have a full 30 days to send them back and get a full refund even if the bottles are empty or you can call and speak to a representative that will help you select different products that might be better suited to your skin.
You can go to Beauty Mint and get your personalized skin care system here: BEAUTY MINT

*FTC: I was sent samples of Beauty Mint free for review purposes. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own and 100% Honest.*


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