Monday, December 05, 2011 Review #Holiday Gift Guide

 I was given the opportunity to review on of I love Gift Baskets because they can be given to ANYBODY, and has a very large selection of gift baskets to fit every budget, every style and every need all year round. Among some of their great varieties of baskets they have seafood, organic, steak, wine, gluten free, coffee and tea, fruit, cheesecake, chocolate, and that isn't even half of the featured products. You can also order based on the recipient, grandparents, for her, for him, and some of the best gift baskets for children I have ever seen. You can also order themed baskets for every possible occasion there is.  Prices range for under $25 to $125+. There are so many amazing gift baskets in every price range.

  I got to review the Classic Christmas Gift Basket. Shipping was fast, the basket was beautiful and the products inside are delicious. The Classic Christmas Gift Basket retails for $59.99 and shipping on all baskets varies depending on when you want your basket shipped. Planning at least a week in advance is going to save you in shipping costs. The Classic basket is loaded with 10 goodies:
· Almond Pecan-dy Crunch by Morley Candy Makers - 9.25 oz. - This ultra-luxurious candy crunch is made by covering gourmet popcorn and pecans in a rich, smooth caramel glaze.
· Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies by J&M Foods - 6 oz. - Made with only the finest of natural ingredients, these cookies will satisfy even the most discerning chocoholic.
· Dipping Pretzels by East Shore Specialty Foods - 6 oz. - These extraordinary pretzels are the perfect unsalted snack!
· Robert Rothschild Farm Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip - 7.8 oz. - This gourmet raspberry honey mustard dip adds a flavorful zing to pretzels, and goes especially well with the East Shore Specialty Foods Dipping Pretzels that we have included in our Gift Baskets for Christmas.
· Salted Peanuts in Box by Feridie's - 7 oz. – Only the finest peanuts, flavored with salt, these gourmet snacks are just as Mother Nature intended.
· Signature Dark Chocolate Bar by Lake Champlain - 3 oz. - This decadent and complex dark chocolate bar will satisfy the cravings of even the most discerning chocolate lover.
· Buttered Peanut Crunch by Old Dominion Peanut Company - 10 oz. - This flavorful peanut crunch is made with only top of the line gourmet peanuts, brown sugar, and “AA” grade butter. Taste them and you will understand that the best ingredients create the best peanut crunch!
· Metropolitan Trail Mix by - 4 oz. - Our proprietary blend of nuts and dried fruit is a delicious and surprisingly healthy snack.
· Parmesan Artichoke & Garlic Cheese Biscuits by Salem Baking Company - 1.5 oz. - These crumbly biscuits will melt in your mouth leaving a trail of flavor to be savored.
· Chocolate Covered Cherries by Marich - 2.3 oz. - These indulgent gourmet chocolate covered cherries are one of the favorite snacks in our line of Holiday Gift Baskets.
 I loved everything in this basket. It is all so good, and has introduced me to some great companies.

I am very impressed with the presentation and quality of I also really love how they have really great baskets for $24.99. You can get the Christmas Mini Gift Basket for $24.99, and be just as proud to give it to someone as you would one of the larger higher priced baskets. Great company, great baskets. I highly recommend, I promise you will find the perfect basket for anyone, and everyone on your list. 


  1. I want their Ultimate Chocolate Gift Basket so bad. I love chocolate LOL. I'll add it to my Christmas wish list. I wish they were calorie free though.

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  2. last year i won a basket similiar to this basket and gave it as a Christmas gift - it was very well received!!!

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