Friday, October 14, 2011

Miche, Miche, Miche! A Miche Handbag Review.

"One Bag-Endless Looks"
 Can you tell I'm excited about this review? I'm am so excited I'm practically bouncing around in my seat as I write. Mind you I've had mine for over a week now, and the excitement is still fresh. The Miche Handbags are amazing! To think they came about from something every woman as done at one point. A woman spilled something on her handbag, and out of frustration at not wanting to have to buy a whole new bag and transfer the contents of her purse. She grabbed her super glue and some scrap fabric and the prototype to the bag I'm loving today was born.
 Miche Handbags is a direct sales business sold by women who love Miche just as much as I do.What Miche is are base bags of varying sizes(Prima, Demi, Classic, & Petite) with removable shells that you can change in and out with your varying outfits and moods. I have read about woman who have there Miche bags for years. There is never a need to buy a whole new bag when you can just change out the outer shell. Each bag varies in price depending on size, and each shell varies in price depending on whether it is a Signature, Premium, or a Luxe. Along with being able to the change out the shells of your Miche bag you can also change the straps and add charms. Like Miche says "One bag, Endless looks." I don't find the Miche bag to be anymore expensive then my usual handbag purchases. If you think think Miche is on the pricey side you can always find a consultant in your area and host a party. Being a party host means you get some great rewards such as discounts and exclusive host only shells. Miche can also be purchased directly from their website but buying from a party is a little cheaper. To find a host in your area or to purchase directly from their website head here: You can also find them on Facebook, and Twitter. To see the Prima in action and for more info on prices and accessories please watch the video below.

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