Saturday, October 08, 2011

10 Day's of You: Day 8

Day 8 is eight fears. This one is a hard one. I don't know that I have 8 fears

  • An unhappy, unfulfilled child
  • Public Places ( I was diagnosed as Agoraphobic at 15. I have made great strides since then. This blog being a big one, as well as Youtube.)
  • Cotton from Medicine Bottles. Yep I'm weird. I don't find regular cotton balls as disturbing but I don't even like to touch the cotton that comes out of the bottles if I can at all avoid it. 
  • Unfortunately I fear to much about what others think
  • The pitch black dark (yeah I said it)
  • Spiders All Bugs
  • Rodents( is a possum considered a rodent? If not, it should be...)
  • Strange Dogs.....
Most trivial things. This was the hardest day yet. I sat here staring and thinking about it for quite a while.

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