Saturday, July 16, 2011

Where to find Freebies?

Over the past several months I have acquired a large amount of really good freebies. Some take little to no work other than providing my email and address others(the really good ones) require only that I take a couple surveys and give my opinion about the product that I have or am about to receive. All the sites that I'm going to list are real and legitimate companies that I myself use, and they are all FREE! I'm going to list them in order of my faves first...

  • BzzAgent I really love BzzAgent. I have gotten and reviewed so many great products through them. To list a few. I've reviewed Covergirl Natureluxe Cosmetics, Tresemme shampoo and conditioner, Laserpegs toys and Children's Claritin. They have had campaigns for Scrubbing Bubbles, First Aid Beauty, Norton and so many more. So many great, well known companies. 
  • Crowdtap This one is quite similar to BzzAgent in that they have campaigns that provide you with free samples. Most recently a coupon for any one pair of jeans in Old Navy, along with one for a friend. Crowdtap also lets you earn points by taking survey's that you can cash in for gift cards or donate to your favorite Charities.
  • Influenster This website has you earn badges pertaining to what things you are most interested in. For example, beauty, gadgets, Enviroment, and Mommy badges to name a few. Every few months they release boxes the last one being a beauty box that had all kinds of different beauty products, like makeup, soaps, shaving creams, nail care etc. If you were to get a gadget badge you'd get that box when it was released filed this gadgets and techy stuff.
  • GimmieFreebies Now gimmiefreebies is just a website that directs you to all kinds of free full and sample size product and contests. She checks herself to make sure that nothing posted is a scam and she hasn't lead me astray yet. Great site. I also recommend that you follow gimmiefreebies on facebook as this is where I tend to find most of mine. 

 Well, those are my favorite most trusted sites. Good luck, I hope you all get some amazing freebies, and happy hunting!
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