Sunday, July 03, 2011

June Eco-Emi!

I know it's now July but I missed it's arrival because I was on vacation up in Oregon. I was super excited to see this on  my desk when I arrived home. I have been wanting to get into going green, and organic for a long while now but wasn't sure just where to start. I came across Eco-Emi on Youtube in my obsessive hunt for all things Birchbox. LOL. I am so glad that I found this. It has been so fun to sample these products and see what I like and what I don't before purchasing because we all know that green, earth friendly products tend to be on the pricier side. So if you are like me and you want to get into it but just don't know where to start this is for you.
Here is what Eco-Emi has to say about their service:

"For only $15.00 a month, we will mail you five to ten samples of natural, organic, green, eco-friendly products to your door wrapped in chic earth friendly material made from 100% recycled bottles. All of our packages are adorned with 100% organic or vintage ribbons or we will often use 100% bamboo yarns. Part of the fun is that the package will look a little different every month. You will have the luxury of trying out an array of green products in the comfort of your own home or over a cup of herbal tea with close friends.

What to expect in a box? Well, thats a surprise every month but we try to include an array of products everything from animal friendly makeup to organic brown rice, all natural perfumes to herbal teas and vegan chocolates. We want you to try a little bit of everything so that you will be able to shop completely green in all areas food, beauty, household and more. We strive to feature either organic, all natural, vegetarian or vegan prodcuts. Before you know it you will get to know the labels and companies behind the products and stepping foot into the organic isles or all natural stores will be a breeze."

Like Birchbox it comes with a card explaining the contents of that months box.  As well as coupons and pamphlets from the companies themselves.  This months box had:
  • Lauren Brooke Organic Creme Eyeshadow in Pearl and in Cocoa Latte $8.00
  • Lauren Brooke Body Glitter in Starlight $6.00 1.5 grams or large $12.00 4 grams
  • Lauren Brooke Lip Gloss in Summer Melon 2ml $8.00
  • Chewing Gum in Bubblegum flavor by Glee Gum 12 boxes $10.00
  • Shake & Go Smoothie in Tropical Tango by Vega & Sequal Naturals Box of 12 $29.95
  • Face mask in Japanese Matcha with Acai & Goji Berry by Pangea Organics 4fl oz $40.00
  • Organic Coconut wax candle-scent PURE coconut & vanilla by Pure Light 7.5 oz $32.00
  • Vegan Lip Balm by Merry Hempsters flavor Lemon Lime $2.99 0.34fl oz
  • Organic Deodorant by Salubritas in Pina Colada 1.75 fl oz $10.99
  • Evening Facial Creme in PEACE by Blissoma 1 oz $17.99
  • Organic Herbal Tea in Coconut Rum by Zhena's Gypsy Tea 22 sachet recyclable tin $6.99
  • Auromere Ayurvedic Herbal Soap in Sandalwood-Tumeric $2.95 2.75 fl oz
  • Auromere Ayurvedic Herbal Soap in Vanilla-Neem $2.95 2.75 fl oz
  • Stain Eraser by Naturally Clean & Enzyme Fresh Home 5 pack $4.09  
Reviews of each product coming soon! 

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