Saturday, July 09, 2011

Kate Spade's Twirl

 I'm pretty sure that Kate Spade's Twirl was one of the samples that everyone received in their June Birchbox. So how was it? Aside from its cute packaging and handy pump, it wasn't for me. I didn't find it to be an offensive smell but I didn't care for it either. I did wear it a couple times and kept it in my purse for about three weeks. The days that I wore it I did receive some comments about how good I smelt from a few people. I found Twirl to be a scent that I would associate with an woman a little older than me, it has a flirty but sophisticated scent. One that I don't care for, for summer.  I couldn't quite put my finger on what I was smelling and was quite surprised upon finding out that it supposed to smell like "pink watermelon" I would describe it as a lightly fruity yet musky scent.

 Here is how Kate Spade's website describes the scent.
  • captivating day-to-night fragrance
  • pink watermelon mingles with blackberry and red currant 
  • the fragrance is finished with luminous musks and a touch of french macaron (straight from the patisserie, of course).    
   Priced at $80.00 for 3.4 oz and a whopping $65.00 for 1.7 oz this is definitely not something that I would consider buying for myself.
  Interested in checking it out for yourself? Here is the link: Kate Spade's Twirl

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