Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Quest for Subscribers and Followers

So,for several days now I have been petitioning my poor friends, family,and innocent people of Twitter to Subscribe or follow my blog. Actually, I think its safe to say that I haven't really been petitioning, rather "harassing" them to do one or the other. I've inquired to the universe,"How do you get people to subscribe!?" (The universe hasn't gotten back to me, busy with more pressing matters I suppose) I can always go the Youtube route but I'd rather not sit in front of a camera, I'm very happy with my place behind it. Then this morning BLAM! common sense hit me, write about more interesting stuff! Hello, McFly! Nobody cares about your friggin' trip to Target. LOL
So, I'm gonna try and talk about more interesting topics. I can't promise though that there will not be a random blog post about my most recent money saving trip. I can't help myself, its exciting to save so much money. I've gotta sign off though, there is a toddler in my yard with a water hose between his legs yelling "Orale!" to some Hispanic roof workers. Who teaches him this stuff? Oh yeah, Uncle and Papa. Geez! Well, till next time.

Did you like this blog? Please subscribe or follow. XOXO~Kristy~

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