Thursday, May 19, 2011


In my search for Birchbox videos on YouTube I came across Eco-Emi. Eco-Emi is similar to Birchbox in that they send you monthly samples beautifully wrapped. The big difference though is that Eco-Emi sends only green, organic,vegan, earth friendly products, like make up, foods, skin and body care, and even jewelry and small accessories made from earth friendly product. They are packaged in Earth friendly materials as well. I really like the idea of this, and hope that I will find some quality products that I will continue to use. I've been interested in going green for a while but have been confused about what's truly green and put off by the higher prices of these products. Excited to see where Eco-Emi leads me. I also need to add that Eco-Emi is slightly more expensive than Birchbox but this is to be expected as they send more products and the prices of green and organic products are generally higher.
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