Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hearts for Hearts Girls with Mommy Parties

 I joined a website called Mommy Parties several months back, and applied to host a Hearts for Hearts Girls Party. I got it, and I'm so glad I did. Not only are these dolls just beautiful and well made but they teach girls about the struggles of other girls all over the world. Hearts for Hearts Girls is all about empowering young girls and with two young god daughters I LOVE that. I want them to know their worth and their own strength.  

Working Together For Change
It’s an undeniable fact that girls in many countries struggle against a lack of education, medical care, decent housing, and clean water and food. But when these basic needs are met, those girls achieve amazing things for themselves and their families. Sometimes, all they need is a little help.
The Hearts For Hearts Girls™ mission is to empower girls to become agents of change in their communities, their countries, and around the world. We want to change the world one heart at a time, and you can be a part of that dream!
It all starts with our dolls. Right now, there are six Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls: Lilian (Belarus), Rahel (Ethiopia), Nahji (India), Tipi (Laos), Consuelo (Mexico), and Dell (United States). Each of them has an important story to tell about life in her country, inspired by real girls who are strong, smart, courageous, and determined to rise above challenging circumstances.
When you buy a doll, Hearts For Hearts Girls donates part of the purchase price through our charitable partner, World Vision, to programs that support girls in that country. Whether it’s malaria nets in Africa, schoolbooks in Asia, or food supplies in the US, these programs help girls to thrive and succeed.  

  In our party kit we received:
·         2 Hearts for Hearts Girls Dolls/ Consuela and Lauryce One to keep and one to give away at our party
·      20  Hearts for Hearts Girls Bracelets enough for each party guest to get one bracelet and have one to giveaway to a girl who isn’t at the party
·      Hearts for Hearts Coupons to purchase your own Hearts for Hearts Dolls and start giving back!
·       Hearts for Hearts Girls Passports

Also included are menu ideas from each dolls country as well as games from each dolls country. We had a blast. I chose to make the Mexican Corn and Bean Soup, and the Ethiopian Party Punch. I made an attempt at French Beignets to represent Lauryce from New Orleans, they turned out more like Funnel Cakes but were still delicious.

We Played Shyla a game that originated in Belarus, as well as a crazy Mexican Hat Relay.

We all had a fantastic time, and I really hope that the girls have gone away with a new understanding of all the different hardships of others around the world and how they all can do their parts in their own ways to help out.  Rather than raffling off the extra doll included I chose to give the Consuelo Doll to two little girls on our street that often play with my son. He has told me that they don’t have any toys, and I have witnessed their excitement at viewing my sons play room. These two little girls happen to be children of Mexican Immigrants that came to the US to give their children more opportunities. I could not think of anyone better or another girl that I know that would appreciate that doll more. Their mother has told me that they cherish their Consuelo doll. Let me tell you it felt amazing to see the excitement in those little girls faces to receive a beautiful doll such as Consuelo, and that is what Hearts for Heart Girls is all about.  Giving back.

To Purchase your own Heart for Hearts Girls Doll or to find out more, head to their website:, or the Hearts for Hearts Facebook Page:

To Join Mommy Parties, and host fun parties with your mommy friends, and their children head to their website:, or their Facebook Page:

*The products featured in this blog post were sent to me free for the purpose's of hosting a party and this blog post. I was not paid for this post or to host the Hearts for Hearts Girls party. All opinions are my own and 100% honest*


  1. These remind me of another popular doll, but I like that these dolls give back. I think I'll buy these for my girls instead. Are these available at any toy stores or just off the website? Thanks.

    1. Hi Katie,

      Thanks for stopping by! I believe the Hearts 4 Hearts Dolls are currently only available to purchase through the Hearts 4 Hearts Girls website.

  2. In order to be selected to host a
    "Mommy Party" for the "Hearts 4 Hearts Girls" dolls, are bloggers also expected to host parties for and review other products, as well?

    Katie, I believe the other popular doll you are referring to, is the
    "BFC Ink Club" 18" dolls, which, by the way, have been discontinued.

    1. Hello Linda,

      I was chosen to host a Hearts 4 Hearts Girls Party from Mommy Parties, who were working with Hearts 4 Hearts Girls. As a member of Mommy Parties you can sign up to host different parties as they come up, but you are never obligated to host any if you are not interested.

      Thanks for Stopping by. :)


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