Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cravebox Summer Beauty Limited Edition Box 2012

 I being the monthly sample subscription junkie that I am, had of course heard of Cravebox but never subscribed because the products being featured never really peeked my interest. When I saw that they were releasing a Limited Edition Summer Beauty Cravebox, I signed up just for that box.  While I definitely think you get your money's worth, Cravebox's Summer Beauty box completely missed the mark for me. All but one of the products (Puristics Eye Cream) in my personal opinion aren't what comes to mind when I think of beauty products.

A fun, new way to discover products that make life better.

Cravebox is a wildly popular product discovery service that puts crave-worthy products into the hands of our lucky Cravebox Members. Our team of Cravebox Curators scours the earth for the best of the best, and carefully prepares boxes that are delivered to members’ homes. We currently have two types of boxes: Subscription Boxes are automatically shipped to subscribing Members and cost $10 a piece. The program is enormously successful and we sell out all our subscription slots in just a few hours, so at the moment there are no new subscription slots available. We are continually expanding the program however, so we will have more slots opening. Be sure to join us to get updates as soon as they happen! Limited Edition Boxes are our newest offering. Our Cravebox Curators pack up handsome and hefty boxes filled with products, gadgets, doodads and supplies focused around a theme, activity, occasion or hobby that our Members love. Members are notified as soon as each new box is available, and have 3 days to come to the Cravebox website to enter a lottery style drawing for that Cravebox. Winners are notified as soon as the drawing is completed, and receive their Limited Edition box within about two weeks. Limited Edition boxes are available to members for just $10 - $15 each.
 Here's a list of the products that were in my Summer Beauty Cravbox:
  • Puristics Intensive Eye Cream 5 oz Approx Value $8.20
  • Garden Bonanika Oatmeal & Peppermint Soap Value $7.00
  • Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub $5.98
  • BIC Soleil Bella Approx Value $2.11
  • ThinkThin Bar Approx Value $2.13
                         Approximate Value: $25.42
                          Paid $15.00
Cravebox has a regular monthly subscription box where they compile a box of what they consider Crave-worthy products, as well as several Limited Edition Boxes that they release monthly. You can sign up for the monthy service here: Join the Monthly Subscription and be notified of the Limited Edition Boxes here: Cravebox Limited Edition Boxes.

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