Monday, November 14, 2011

SCENTsational Soaps Review

 I have been a fan of SCENTsational Soaps creator Sarah and her son Chad's Youtube videos for quite sometime. I just love watching Sarah talk about her soaps. She really takes pride in her soaps and takes care to research all her ingredients and common skin ailments. She is very knowledgeable about ingredients in  her soaps and what skin issues they can help with. Not only that but she takes the time to answer your questions.
  For three years I have been on the hunt for soaps and lotions that helped heal and soothe my son's eczema. It has been an uphill battle. No matter what I tried or what his pediatrician recommended or prescribed there was always something wrong with everything I tried. I can't even tell you how much money I've spent in the process of trying to find products that work. While there have been one or two products that were effective they were expensive and I just couldn't afford them. I was watching one of Sarah and Chad's Youtube video's about their Propolis Soap, and I just knew I had to try it on my son's eczema. 

  Sarah from SCENTsational soaps was kind enough to send me a bar of her Propolis Soap $6, Propolis Cool Mint Body Butter $10, the Propolis Healing Salve $12 and many samples. The Propolis products are amazing. They have done what I was starting to think was impossible. I have been using the Propolis products for my son's eczema for about two weeks now and the difference it has made is truly amazing. His rashes are barely visible, no longer red, and he's not itching. I love the Propolis Cool Mint Body Butter, it is the only lotion that I've used for my son that he hasn't told me stings his skin. That is such a relief, not only is it working but it's not causing my little guy discomfort when its applied. This lotion is thick, but doesn't leave that sticky feeling you sometimes get with body butters, and I need only a small amount on my son's entire body. The recent change in weather has caused him to be a little dry so the salve has come in handy on patches of dry skin. The Propolis products are part of SCENTsational Soaps HoneyBee line. 
  Sarah sent me soooo many samples of her other soaps. SCENTsational Soaps makes; Body Butters,Body Lotions, Body Scrubs, Deodorants, Vegan, Cupcake Soaps (custom order), Goat Milk Soaps, Old Fashioned Soaps, Organic Glycerin Soaps, Shea Butter Soaps, Whipped Parfait Soaps, HoneyBee Soaps (Essential Oil), HoneyBee Naturals, HoneyBee Soap Loaves, Lip Balms.  All these soaps and lotions, come in pretty much every scent you could ever want in a soap. Since I was sent so many sample I haven't gotten to use all of them so I will go through the ones that I have used. 

  The first soap that I used is one of the Goat's Milk Soaps Believe in Lavender scent. I picked it out first because it smell just like lavender. Not like Lavender soap, but like you are literally outside and you just put your nose to a lavender flower. It smell so good. I have been using it has a hand soap in my bathroom and I love it. It lathers very well into a creamy lather. Believe also comes in Blueberry scented. Other than its amazing smell and great moisturizing properties $1 of each bar sold goes to IDEAS Research which supports the research of Chromosome 15q Duplication Syndrome. The Believe soaps are $5.

  The next soap I tried loved and have used up was a sample of the Lime Margarita Whipped Parfait Soap. This soap is another really authentic smelling soap. It smells just guessed it a lime margarita. The whipped soap was so rich and lathered to well. I love it. As with SCENTsational Soaps body butter, when using the whipped parfait soap i only needed the smallest amount of product to create a rich lather and wash my entire body. I literally just dipped my finger into the jar and got a tiny amount out everyday. The little sample jar lasted me 8 days. The whipped soaps come in a large variety of scents. Next up for me to try? The Pumpkin Spice scent, yummy! The Whipped Parfait Soaps are $10 for 8oz. 

 The last soap that I have been and still am using is the Midnight Safari with Activated Charcoal and Kaolin Clay. I have been using this sample just for my face, and it has made a SERIOUS difference in my skin! My face is less oily, my acne has improved and well I just love it. I never, ever thought this soap would work as well or improve my skin as much as it has. Not because I don't trust Sarah but because nothing ever works. That is, until now. I love, love it. It has the richest, thickest lather of all the soaps I've tried so far and at only $6, it is $6 less than the cleanser I was using before. You can find it HERE. 
  SCENTsational Soaps are just that, sensational soaps. I highly recommend these soaps you will not regret your purchase and will most likely be going back to purchase more. For even more info on the soaps mentioned in this blog post and to see all the samples I received please watch the video. I will do full reviews as I use the soaps. :) Check them out here:

*I was sent products and samples from SCENTsational Soaps free for review purposes. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. I was not paid for this review.*


  1. Kristy, We are so thrilled to hear that our Propolis products are helping your sons Eczema and the Midnight Safari helping your Acne! What can be better than an all natural product! =)
    We are also happy you are enjoying all the soapies we sent you! Thank you for the review! Big Hugs! Warmly, Sarah and Chad
    SCENTSational Soaps, LLC.

  2. These all sound wonderful. Thanks for the heads-up and review!

  3. @Katie C. They are great. I'm a huge new fan. I was never a fan of bar soaps before I tried SCENTsational Soaps. Love em'

  4. These sound super yummy. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Thanks for introducing me to this product line! They sound wonderful! I will look into since my daughter runs into very dry skin and I too have tried all kinds of lotions and soaps. I also wanted to congratulate you on being one of voiceBoks featured members this week!!

  6. @Kathy
    Thank you! Congrats or in order for you as well. These soaps are so great. They have really helped out both my sons and my own skin. Definitely check them out. :)


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