Monday, November 21, 2011

Goody Double Wear Review

   I have a long history with Goody hair ties. I have worn one on my wrist single day since I was 12, maybe 11...Let's say the sixth grade. It's always been about the convenience of having one right there when I needed it. So for about 15 yrs I have had a Goody hair tie on my wrist and never thought twice about it. I mean there was a hair tie in my hair or around my wrist during most of the biggest moments of my life. One was there when I graduated, and even when I gave birth to my son. It just became a habit, that was just apart of my everyday. I only take them off when I shower, even then I have been known to forget. I never thought about it until recently when I started making Youtube videos. I'd notice it when I was editing my video's and think "next time I have to remember to take it off. It looks terrible." Needless to say I still forget. Well, it seems Goody and I are on the same page. I was flipping through Cosmo and there it was. An ad for Goody's new Double Wear hair ties. Cute hair ties that look more like bracelets then hair ties. (cue the singing Angels) LOL.

  So you know I had to contact Goody about these great new hair ties, "Ponytailers" as Goody calls them. They agreed to send me some samples and some for you too(more on that later). You get 3 ponytailers for $5.99 They are so cute and come in 3 different designs. You can also buy them in silver or gold. When I first saw them I was reminded of the old ponytailers with the metal, you know before they became "ouchless" and the pain of having my hair ripped out. I'm happy to report that after several days I have not had one hair pulled from the Double Wear ponytailers. Not only do they look cute on my wrist but in my hair as well. I've also since spotted Goody Headwraps that double as Necklaces. Score! Thank you Goody for reading my mind and knowing that I was in need of something better looking and more on the sophisticated side.

 You can find Goody's new Double Wear ponytailers at most major retailers. You can also find them in a flash giveaway on my Facebook or Twitter. So be on the look out! These make great stocking stuffer's too.
*I was provided Samples of Goody's Double Wear Ponytailers free for review purposes. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are 100% my own and honest.*


  1. My hair is pretty short, so I have no need for these. But I always see friends with ties around their wrists - this is a perfect solution!

    Following along now from vB- congrats on being a Featured Member!

  2. I use to wear one on wrist before I cut my hair, Now i am trying to let it grow out.Mine takes for ever to grow now :( probably be summer my luck before it gets there :(

  3. @GJT
    Thank you, and thanks for stopping by.

  4. @Renee Mine too. I decided to cut my hair into a bob last summer and it a year to get it long again. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. very cute--I have waist lenth hair and it ALWAYS in a pony!! These aould be great!!

    I'm stopping in to say congrats on being one of the featured members at vB

  6. I don't mind the regular hair ties but this looks better! It's funny how you never forget to put them on your wrists! Just like a wedding ring. Even that I forget to wear sometimes! I take them off when I'm at home so to not lose them. ;p

  7. Lovely! :)

  8. I always have one around my wrist too! What a great idea to make them look like bracelets!



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