Friday, September 23, 2011

Eureka! Move over candles! Meet My New Obsession.

Scentsy! As you may by now already know I have been on the hunt for good quality candles that don't break the bank. Well, I will search no more because the answer is Scentsy. No, it's not a candle. It's better. Scentsy uses non-toxic food based wax, that is made to melt at a low temperature in their warmers that use low wattage bulbs. They never get hot enough to burn. I like this because I have a 2 year old running around. While he has little chance to actually ever be able to reach the warmer anyway, this still gives me peace of mind. Should he ever actually make it that far it is non-toxic and it will not burn.
 I have been sitting here staring at my laptop screen for quite sometime, I really want to get across to you all how amazing this product is. I have always been one to have candles burning pretty much all day everyday. I just love the way they smell. That being said I have spent a pretty penny on candles that burn quickly and lose their scent just as fast. Scentsy's bars are only $5.00 and if you really love a scent you can buy a massive brick for $20.00.  The bars last between 60 to 80+ hours. With my mid-size warmer and 2 cubes from a bar my whole house smells amazing! I am truly in love with Scentsy. The first day I got my scentsy warmer and three bars, I loved it so much that very night, I bought three more bars! Frankly, as I write I would like to buy more. I seriously want to try every scent, and there are over 80 of them! Not to mention the fact that shipping is inexpensive and fast. For me the only downfall has been trying to decide which scent to use.
 Scentsy doesn't just sell warmers, bars and bricks, they also have Scentsy Room Sprays, Travel Tins, Fragrance Foam(hand sanitizer), Scentpaks, Scent Circles(car fresheners) and Scentsy Buddies. New to their collection are solid perfumes. I was sent the Love Story solid perfume. It smells amazing and to my surprise lasts all day. It reminds me of two of my favorite body mists put together. The top note that I smell the most in it is amber. With softer notes of Jasmine and dark chocolate. Sounds amazing? It smells amazing. I am truly impressed with Scentsy as a whole. Everything I have tried, I have loved.
  My first experience with actual Scentsy consultants was not the greatest. The consultants in my area never got back to me with questions I had about the product, but with a little research I found Krystal. She is great. She actually has her own Youtube channel StinkPrettyTV. Her enthusiasm and love for Scentsy really shows through. Not only, that but she goes above and beyond for her customers. She is located in Alaska but she will send you products and samples to have your own basket party at your home or work. Did I mention she will send the supplies for your basket party on her dime? Hosting parties is a great way to earn free products too. The big thing that I want to add about Krystal is that for every party booked from now till Spring she is going to donate a Sasha bear to Providence Child Life Center. Which is not only helping the children at her local hospital but all proceeds from the purchase of the Sasha Scentsy bear go to Ronald McDonald House Charities. This is great.What do you think, Should we have an online party? Oh yeah, and she absolutely does and will get back to you with all questions! I know in my excitement I have probably forgotten some things. You can find her on Facebook; Solstice Scents  (When Krystal reaches 100 followers she will be having a giveaway! Tell her Kristy sent you.)  on Twitter; @SolsticeScents and of course her online store SolsticeScents Oh Yeah, check out the close out section of Krystal's page there are really good deals on warmers. They even have holiday warmers on sale!
 Please watch the video below, and don't forget to check out Krystal's video's too. You won't regret it.


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  4. hi! i've heard of scentsy, but never tried it..i think i may have to!

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  5. You know, I have friends who sell scentsy and I honestly thought it was candles. I don't do candles since I seriously had a fire scare once - the candle burned down in its jar, the jar overheated and cracked, spilled out of its container, reached the blinds, and burned them up before I smelled it from the next room. I caught it in plenty of time, but seriously - how often do you get busy with laundry or something when there's a candle going a room or two over?

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  7. @Adrianne How scary! I would be reluctant to have candles in my home after that too. I highly recommend Scentsy. I really love it.

  8. @Kim-A Creative Spirit I will definitely be back to your site. What are your favorite Scentsy scents?

  9. @Malia Thanks for stopping by. Try Scentsy you will not be disappointed. :)

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  11. I adore Scentsy! I've actually been a consultant for 2 1/2 years to support my Scentsy habit! Love that it's not a burning wick and they have so many delicious scents!

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  19. I have yet to try a Scentsy warmer but they look very interesting!!!



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