Friday, September 09, 2011

Beautyfix Review

Would you like to receive products picked out especially for you by a panel of experts? How about receiving up to $400 in beauty products for only $49.99? If these sound like things you would like then Beautyfix is for you. In my shipment I received $130+ worth of full size products! Awesome.

 Beautyfix is a service offered by the Dermstore. You take a quick survey about your skin type, hair and beauty concerns and a panel of experts chooses a very large list of products for you every season for $49.99. One of the great things about Beautyfix is that YOU get to pick what products you are sent. You get billed automatically every season and you can cancel any time with a simple phone call. The next seasons order starts Sept. 15th. Please watch the video for more details, and head over to Beautyfix.
Once I use each product I will write a review on it. Thanks for reading and watching. If you aren't already a follower I  would love for you to be one! :)

*I was sent Beautyfix free for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own honest reviews. I was not paid for this review.*


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