Friday, April 08, 2011

Boredom and "Plum" Velvet Cupcakes....

My "plum" colored batter

First time using a piping bag as well.

So yesterday was a cold and rainy day. Since there was no going outside, I decided to attempt my first cupcakes from scratch. I chose a Red Velvet Cupcake recipe from Paula Deen and The Food Network. All in all they turned out well, except for the fact that somewhere between the grocery store check out and home I managed to lose the red food coloring! So I tried to make red with the neon spring food coloring I already had at home. With not enough pink food coloring I ended up with a plum colored batter. LOL. They were delicious. I managed to get most of the ingredients, the pans, the cupcake wrappers, and piping bag and nozzles from the 99 Cent Store. Yay! I love a good deal.
Here is the link to the recipe I used:

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