Friday, May 25, 2012

Lady Anti Monkey Butt Review

 Whelp, it's that time of year again.. Summertime. It's hot, sticky and for the most part uncomfortable. Well, at least for me that is what summer is. I have never been a fan of heat. Moving to the California Valley just cemented that. Being in a bathing suit and sweating is the worst especially when you’re not stick thin and well your thighs start to rub together.  Lady Anti Monkey Butt really helps with that, as well as soothing any irritation. I have known about Baby Anti Monkey Butt for some time now. As a Mother I have seen their diaper rash cream around. I wasn’t aware until recently that there is an Anti Monkey Butt for every member of the family.  

“As the mercury rises, be prepared to protect your lady nooks and crannies from sweat, irritation and friction with Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder®.  Sprinkle between and under breasts, on your inner thighs or rear end to stay dry and comfy during the hot weather and while you’re working out. Lightly scented and satiny smooth, Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder boasts the dynamic duo of calamine and cornstarch, something that that no other body powder can claim!  These unique ingredients are specially formulated to quickly absorb sweat and relieve friction…even itching…and provide cooling effective relief to all your body parts that are prone to rubbing. Plus, Lady Anti Monkey Butt helps to prevent other ladylike issues—like keeping stockings from sticking! 
Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder can be purchased at Walmart, Ace Hardware,True Value, for just around $5.95.

Since May is all about ladies in our lives, we’re going to celebrate our approaching 80,000 Facebook fan milestone by giving 1,000 random fans a sample of Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder! LIKE the Anti Monkey Butt Powder Facebook page for details:  We’ll launch the sign-up form when we hit 80,000 fans!

And, Anti Monkey Butt isn’t just for ladies, either! Mama, Papa, and baby can stay comfortable, and fight their own irritation and friction from work and play, with original Anti Monkey Butt Powder and Baby Anti Monkey Butt Diaper Rash Powder and Cream. Learn more about the complete line of Anti Monkey Butt products, including where to buy, at have a monkey for everyBUTTy!”

This product is great. I found that it really did help with uncomfortable rubbing and helped to soothe the irritation that developed before I was able to put on some Lady Anti Monkey Butt.  I also turned my brother on to the regular Anti Monkey Butt powder. He works outdoors all summer and his uniform is canvas material. For the past three years he has gotten a nasty rash all over his legs every summer when it starts to get hot.  I went out and purchase the Original for him and he has noticed a huge difference and the rash is starting to go away.  So if you suffer from chafing, or rashes from sweating in the heat, I would recommend checking out Anti Monkey Butt. Remember there is one for every member of your family.

 *I was sent a sample of this product for review purposes. All Opinions are my own and 100% Honest. I was not paid for this review*

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