Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Global Green USA's Green School Makeover Competition presented by Pureology

  Influenster has teamed with Pureology to give you and your school of choice, the chance to win a Green Makeover. With one grand prize winner of a Green School Renovation and four schools that will each receive $2,500 towards their own Green School renovations.
 "Did you know that most schools spend more money on  poor energy usage than they do on books and computers?" Wow! This fact blows me away. When I got the email from Influenster my first thought was, Which school would I pick to nominate and help? There are so many deserving schools that could benefit from this makeover. I live in a very populated city. A city that has days where the air pollution is so bad that residents are urged to stay indoors as much as possible. Where to start too? Would an Elementary, Middle or High School best benefit? Not to mention that a green school with fruit and vegetable gardens, insect gardens, composting and other incredible learning tools are further improved in my area because we are surrounded by large farms, fruit, nuts, cotton, you name it we have got it. When the wind picks up just right you can smell the garlic from a local grower. LOL. These kinds of learning tools would help the students better understand and appreciate the farms surrounding them. Possibly leading them into careers of improved, smart farming themselves.
 Green schools reap the rewards of their labor with their own grown healthy food. Another benefit being water and energy conservation. Green schools would help in teaching children and young adults the importance of conservation and our environment. Sending them out into the world as well informed adults creating a better future for themselves and our planet.
  As, my child is not yet school age and I'm relatively new to this community I'm still learning about all the schools in my area. I would like to make an informed decision and pick the best one. So, my question to you is...Do you know of a school in your area that could benefit from a Green Makeover? I know, I know. What school couldn't. For More information, to donate, or join please check out http://pureology.com/greenschools


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