Wednesday, February 01, 2012

zChocolat Touche x2 Review #ValentinesGiftIdea

 Have someone special in your life that you want to treat for Valentine's Day? How about a special decadent treat for yourself? I have the answer. It's zChocolat.

 zChocolat is truly the best of the best. Handmade in France by World Champion Chocolatier Pascal Chaffet "using 400 year old passionate tradition and zealous adherence to purity". The Touche x2 comes in a beautiful handmade wooden box made of Sappeli, a member of the Mahogany family. It is part of zChocolat's Romantic Collection. The Touche x2 comes with 27 chocolates, 12 heart shaped chocolates in the flavors: Milk Chocolate Supreme with Hazelnut Praline, Black Mystique Vanilla Bourbon Caramel, White Toquade filled with Chocolate Gonache scented with Bergamot. Paired with a combination of 15 of zChocolat's Signature Milk & Dark Numbered Chocolates. It retails for $135.25 and can be personalized with an engraved brass plate for another $21.02.

The signature chocolates include are as follows:
  •  Z A sweet and salty caramel and crunchy praline made from slow roasted Piedmont hazelnuts. In White Chocolate, 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate, & 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate.
  • 0 Made from Piedmont hazelnuts, rich praline surrounded by a couverture of 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate that is permeated with crunchy bits of California almonds
  • 1 A Distinctive Madagasgar Bourbon vanilla ganache, infused with the Provencale essence of lavender and covered in Venezuelan dark chocolate
  • 2 Italian Gianduja praline handmade with Piedmont hazelnuts and  Venezuelan dark chocolate and covered in 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate
  • 3 Rich smooth caramel mixed with a tangy passion fruit, coconut and mango puree and covered in 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate
  • Rich 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate surrounding a handmade praline of Valencia almonds and peanuts from China
  • 5 A deeply flavored, rich 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate ganache made from the Carenero Superior bean from Caracas
  • 6 A praline made from slow roasted Valencia almonds and rich Ivory Coast milk chocolate, all covered in 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate with minced almonds from California
  • 7 Coarsely minced sweet and salty pistachio blended with a creamy pistachio-almond paste and surrounded by 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate
  • 8 An inspired pairing of finely ground, caramelized hazelnuts from the Piedmont region of Italy and a smooth coffee ganache made of coffee beans from Kenya and Mexico, all covered in 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate. 
  • 9 A praline made from slow roasted Valencia almonds that are caramelized and ground onto a fine powder and mixed with milk chocolate and pure cocoa butter covered in 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate
  • 10 Solid 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate with minced pieces of almonds from the Valencia region of Spain
  • 11 A bite-sized version of molten chocolate cake drizzled with raspberry coulis: fresh raspberry puree whisked into creamy ganache of dark chocolate and cocoa butter covered  in 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate 
    ZChocolates, simply put are delicious. Imagine the best chocolate you've ever had and multiply it by 100. It's AMAZING. Very worth the price. Not only are the chocolates themselves top notch, but the presentation and packaging sets them well over their competitors. zChocolat offers the finest French chocolate's in the World delivered directly to your doorstep and personalized to make the perfect gift for anyone. zChocolat's can only be purchased from their website: You can catch them on Facebook here as well.


    1. Mmm :) I love Chocolate :)
      Have you tried Norwegian Chocolate before?

    2. Hey you! Thanks for stopping by. I'm so excited. LOL. I have never had Norwegian chocolate. I find though that I usually like chocolate from other countries more than American chocolates. Other country's don't water their chocolates down with as much milk and sugar as America does.


    Thanks in advance for your comments! :)