Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scentsy is 10% Off This Month!

I have just recently joined Scentsy! I love Scentsy products so much I wanted to share with others. I have been having a great time on my Scentsy journey and I look forward to sharing Scentsy with my followers. Look out for upcoming Scentsy Giveaways!

 I just wanted to hop on real quick and let everyone know that Scentsy's entire website is 10% off for the month of February! If you love the Winter & Fall scents now is the time to stock up as they will be going away to make room for the Spring/Summer scents. SHOP SCENTSY'S 10% OFF SALE!

If you've ever thought about joining the Scentsy Family now is a great time to do so. February is a transition month, which means the Scentsy Starter Kit will not only have the Fall/Winter Testers but the Spring/Summer Testers as well. All for the same joining price of $99! I would love to add members to my team! JOIN MY SCENTSY TEAM!

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