Monday, March 05, 2012

Lightning-fast Spanish for Kids & Families Review

 I have always had a limited understanding of Spanish. Growing up I had friends whose families spoke nothing but Spanish, Spending most of my time at my best friends home whose parent's were both from Spanish speaking countries(Mexico, & Puerto Rico) I did manage to pick a little up. I have never however been very good a speaking it. In High School my chosen "Foreign Language" course was American Sign Language....Why did I pick that?  I have never used it, and pretty much forgotten it. Living in the California Valley I have found a need to know and speak Spanish. I happen to live in a neighborhood where a large part of my neighbors are Mexican Immigrants and the language barrier can sometimes be a nuisance, so when I was approached to do a review on Lightning-fast Spanish for Kid's and Families I jumped at the opportunity.

 Lightning-Fast Spanish for Kids and Families helps you incorporate Spanish into your daily life, by giving you conversation or role play examples for everyday activities.

The book starts out with Conversation #1 Getting Dressed:
  • You will hold up two different items of clothing, and ask questions. Here are several different examples: 
Caul te gusta mas? (kwahl tay goose-tah moss)-Which do you like better?

Cual es el tuyo? (kwahl ess ell too-yoh)-Which one is yours?

Preferirias ponerte XXX o XXX? (pree-fee-rair-ree-ahs XXX o XXX poh-nehr-tay) Would you rather wear the XXX or XXX?

This conversation of course includes a list of how to say all items of clothing and another list of how to say all the colors. 

 I really love how the author includes easy ways to understand how to properly pronounce everything which is a huge help. Being able to practice in conversations while you learn is a huge help in understanding and learning faster. Also in the book are great and fun games to play like Bingo, Treasure Hunts, Scavenger Hunts, and even how to sing the Hokey Pokey in Spanish. I am learning but not nearly as fast as my 3yr old. I'm so excited. How awesome to be able to teach my child and myself a second language easily and quickly. I have had this book for about a month and can say my Spanish has greatly improved.

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*I received a of this book for review purposes. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. Giveaway sponsored by Lightning-fast Spanish for Kids and Families*

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